2017/18 Results – Jan 2018

Category: Open
Image: Print
Judge: Martin Farrow
Mem. #PhotographerTitlePointsPos.
370Chris RaymontSmoke Bound10.0
370Chris RaymontSteam Punk Couple9.5
391Michael BuckleyThe Meaning Revealed8.0
391Michael BuckleyWorlds Within Worlds9.5
422Kevin LeeRhine Castle8.5
422Kevin LeeLeaves8.0
481James FoxBargate Wheel9.0
481James FoxGive Us A Light8.0
521Richard ColeLooking For Danger7.5
521Richard ColeMission Ready8.5
532Richard ScourfieldJolie Brise10.03rd
532Richard ScourfieldPerfect Imperfection10.01st
549Tony JonesNon-Vegetarian8.5
549Tony JonesWise One6.5
562Guy MerryCunning Plan8.5
562Guy MerryAcknowledging The Crowd8.0
564Linda PriestleyRape Seed Silhouette10.03rd
564Linda PriestleyFrozen Barge8.5
567Nic DrewSwans Preening7.0
567Nic DrewShall I Push Him Off10.0
580Roger CoumbeBrandelhowe Jetting7.5
580Roger CoumbeAshness Bridge8.0
584John KilmisterBridge9.0
584John KilmisterDoors8.0
592Mike PorterFocussed8.0
592Mike PorterJust Before Take Off8.0
598Mark CrawfordTenerife8.5
598Mark CrawfordThe Storm Is Coming8.5
599Giles BarkleyWestminster On Steroids7.5
599Giles BarkleyTill Was All Peaceful As A Tranquil Dawn7.5

Category: Vintage
Image: PDI
Judge: Martin Farrow
Mem. #PhotographerTitlePointsPos.
370Chris RaymontPost Office Red8.5
370Chris RaymontvThat War-time Look10.02nd
391Michael BuckleyLast Letter8.0
391Michael BuckleyOld Reliable8.0
422Kevin LeeFrances, Friends & Daisy7.0
422Kevin LeeFrances Working On Her Distinction In Photography7.0
439Keith BarnettRolls Royce Parade7.5
439Keith BarnettOld Petrol Pump8.0
473David BlaikieVintage Champagne10.01st
473David BlaikieVintage Helmet7.5
481James FoxVintage Clothes Seller8.0
481James FoxClassic Cars In Germany7.5
521Richard ColeReady To Board9.5
521Richard ColeNight Crew10.0
532Richard ScourfieldRust Bucket10.0
532Richard ScourfieldFoxy Lady8.0
534Andrew PoulterOld Worden Aircraft8.5
534Andrew PoulterVintage Bicycle7.5
562Guy MerryAll Chrome & Polish9.5
562Guy MerrySeen Better Days9.0
564Linda PriestleyFlying Scotsman8.5
564Linda PriestleyVintage Australian Ship8.0
567Nic DrewBentley7.5
567Nic DrewWW2 Staff Car8.0
580Roger CoumbeVolvos Of A Bygone Era8.0
580Roger CoumbeLumbering With Volvo7.5
584John Kilmister1940 Desktop8.5
584John KilmisterBefore Digital10.03rd
592Mike PorterLa Vieille Maison8.5
592Mike PorterRusty Old Drugs8.5
593Valerie ArchibaldOld Head Boy8.0
593Valerie ArchibaldZenit & Tair37.5
597Richard EvansVintage Flightline9.0
597Richard EvansWe Are The Mods8.0
598Mark CrawfordRusty Car8.0
599Giles BarkleyVintage Hat7.5
599Giles BarkleyVintage Warrior8.5

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