2016/17 Results – May 2017

Category: Dots, Dashes & Diagonals
Image: Print
Judge: Rob De Ruiter
Mem. #PhotographerTitlePointsHB/Pos.
370Chris RaymontTomato dots and Asparagus dashes10.02nd
370Chris RaymontA Fishy Pattern8.5
422Kevin LeeDots, Dashes, & Angles9.5HB
481James FoxSun Shades8.5
481James FoxSpanish Stairs9.0
521Richard ColeFriday's10.01st
521Richard ColeFacial Features9.0
534Andrew PoulterLisbon Bridge8.5
534Andrew PoulterChair Dashes8.5
562Guy MerryHanging Dots of West Quay7.5
562Guy MerryStudent Stroll10.03rd
564Linda PriestleyWho You looking At7.0
564Linda PriestleyWhere Have They All Gone8.5
567Nic DrewPylons9.5
567Nic DrewLeft To Rust8.0
584John KilmisterThe Machine9.5HB
584John KilmisterDots Under Dashes8.0
592Mike PorterGaudi Reflection6.5
592Mike PorterOwl Camouflage7.5

Category: Open
Image: PDI
Judge: Rob De Ruiter
Mem. #PhotographerTitlePointsHB/Pos.
370Chris RaymontVan Gaurdian8.0
370Chris RaymontGet Ready To Roll10.03rd
422Kevin LeeOops7.5
422Kevin LeeCity Reflections8.5
481James FoxItalian Bishop9.0HB
481James FoxTwo Abandoned boats8.5HB
521Richard ColeGreen Eyes8.0
521Richard ColeSleeping Rough10.01st
534Andrew PoulterIris9.0
534Andrew PoulterVew From Leap Beach8.0
548Ross UnderwoodChampagne Sailing9.0
548Ross UnderwoodFrances6.5
562Guy MerryBajan East Coast8.5
562Guy MerryWallington Viaduct8.5
564Linda PriestleyWhat Are You Bellowing About9.5
564Linda PriestleyOrange Tip On Bluebell9.5HB
567Nic DrewApprehension10.02nd
567Nic DrewChecking The Shot8
584John KilmisterBow6.5
584John KilmisterLady In Red9.0
592Mike PorterWaterfall8.5
592Mike PorterBuzzard9.5
593Valerie ArchibaldMudeford Beach Huts8.0
593Valerie ArchibaldOne Giant Step9.0HB

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