2016/17 Results – Apr 2017

Category: Open
Image: Print
Judge: Geoff Roberts
Mem. #PhotographerTitlePointsHB/Pos.
370Chris RaymontPleased To Meet You Mr. Bond9.0
370Chris RaymontFilm Noire10.0HB
422Kevin LeeThe New World Trade Building - Ground Zero10.0HB
422Kevin LeeColours Of The Canyon6.5
481James FoxSouth Downs Way7.0
481James FoxThe Long Walk8.5
521Richard ColeGirl On A Bus10.0HB
521Richard ColeIce Block10.0HB
534Andrew PoulterRiver View7.0
534Andrew PoulterWild UK Orchid5.0
549Tony JonesSummer Colours5.0
549Tony JonesFire Cloud6.0
562Guy MerrySan Giorgio Maggiore10.01st
562Guy MerryWhat A Day For A Day Dream10.02nd
564Linda PriestleyA Toast To Spring6.0
564Linda PriestleyA Common Blue Butterfly10.0HB
567Nic DrewTry This On8.0
567Nic DrewFerruginous Hawk10.03rd
580Roger CoumbeSturminster Newton Mill8.0
580Roger CoumbeGodrevy Lighthouse8.5
584John KilmisterPink5.0
584John KilmisterGarden Life7.5
592Mike PorterMandrill7.5
592Mike PorterBubble Bath8.0

Category: Round Things
Image: PDI
Judge: Geoff Roberts
Mem. #PhotographerTitlePointsHB/Pos.
370Chris RaymontWaiting For A Train6.0
370Chris RaymontMechanical Links5.0
422Kevin LeeA Load Of Old Balls5.0
422Kevin LeeWheels In The Sky6.0
481James FoxGame Of Marbles10.0HB
481James FoxUp Up & Away10.0HB
521Richard ColeEnigma's Dark Secret8.0
521Richard ColeCool Shades8.0
534Andrew PoulterThe Round Things Of Time7.0
534Andrew PoulterGears5.0
548Ross UnderwoodScotsman's Driving Wheels5.0
548Ross UnderwoodWindows10.03rd
549Tony JonesIron Wheels6.0
549Tony JonesDrink On Wheels5.0
562Guy MerryPasta Rotonda7.0
562Guy MerryPlaying A Round10.02nd
564Linda PriestleyPortland Olympic Statue6.5
564Linda PriestleyPebbles Around The Bay10.0HB
567Nic Drew1930s Singer6.0
567Nic DrewCoffee Break10.0HB
584John KilmisterLight Straws10.01st
584John KilmisterM & M & M10.0HB
592Mike PorterMurder Ball7.5
592Mike PorterRoll Out The Barrel6.0
593Valerie ArchibaldDandelions8.5
593Valerie ArchibaldWestfield Christmas7.0

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